Accounting – Finances

Accounting – Finances

A document’s traceability, visibility, and ease of access is essential to ensure efficiency of operations within the Accounting, Financing, and Purchasing departments. The Docutheque solution helps you meet these operational needs while improving your company’s financial performance. The solution enables you to optimize accounts receivables and reduce the processing cycle, among other things, which results in greatly improving the cash flow.

Solution Overview

  • Digitization and automatic entry of paper documents: contracts, purchase orders, invoices, and any other document pertaining to the departments
  • Collaboration (workflow) and automated event notifications: contract signing, billing, payment, etc.
  • Automated notifications when content is modified: documents, folders, expiration dates
  • Quick search and view of folders, documents, and attached documents (contracts, invoices, purchase orders, etc.)
  • Automated signing and approval processes
  • Archiving of all documents throughout their life cycle until their destruction

Impacts on Business Activities and Performances

  • Lean approach
  • Faster and more efficient processes and operations
  • Greater control (document security – access and workflow)
  • Reduced operation costs
  • Increased cash flow

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