Legislative Content Management & Regulatory Content Management

In reality, even today, codification is often accomplished by copying and pasting.
Since 1999, Irosoft has helped governments and agencies increase productivity by automating processes and tasks related to codifying legislative and regulatory content.
Equipped with powerful codification tools, our customers have improved the efficiency of their codification processes by up to 400%. In practical terms this figure means that:
While over 20 staff resources were required for this process in the past, only 5 are required following implementation 
Content is up-to-date and ready for publishing on a daily, weekly or monthly basis instead of yearly or biennially.
Benefits and applications
Faster Codification provides both the public and legislative staff with the ability to access up-to-date legislation.
Automation - where implementing automation makes sense -  offers more control and reduces errors.
Historical notes are generated automatically which helps with normalising format.
Reports are generated automatically for optimisation of quality control processes.
Point-in-time content is generated automatically, providing the opportunity to reconstruct a document as it read at a particular date.



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