In order to carry out their business processes and their internal management activities, organizations must be able to rely on efficient systems that enable them to manage, organize, use and preserve documents. In a context where information grows exponentially and where there is pressure to optimize investments and increase efficiency, choosing a technological solution is no longer a matter of simply meeting functional needs. Rather, a technological solution should play an active part in achieving the strategic vision.

Docutheque is an integrated suite that helps organizations, private and public, meet their security, resource optimization, and efficient document and records management objectives. The solution addresses your industry needs:

• Finance

• Legal

• Healthcare

• Retail

• Logistics

• Other industries


Private companies seeking to ensure their competitiveness and sustainable growth must apply strategies susceptible to increase the efficiency and security of their business processes while decreasing costs and risks. Find out how Docutheque can give companies a competitive edge. 

Public Institutions and Administrations

Within a context of transformation and stringent economic conditions, public institutions and administrations face an important double challenge—that of improving operational performance while optimizing resources. Find out how Docutheque can help public-sector organizations successfully meet their objectives. 


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Docutheque’s extended connectivity capabilities—including SharePoint® and the Office® suite—enable organizations to take full advantage of their technological investments. Docutheque is a scalable solution that can be deployed onsite, on a host server, or on the cloud, as a license or as SaaS.

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