Our legislative drafting tool provides drafters with the ability to prepare legislation without having to worry about all of the formatting elements and mechanical tasks that have little to do with the substantive core of legislation. Instead, we let drafters concentrate their efforts on content. Because our tool is entirely configurable, it’s always designed to format documents so that they meet your drafting standards.
Since we believe that technology should serve individuals and organisations – and not the other way around – we’ve taken a robust XML editor, given it the look and feel of a regular word processor, and built-in scores of features designed specifically for people who draft and edit legislation.
Some key features include:
  • Automatic redlining integration based on advanced track changes feature
  • Automatic generation of amending language based on recorded redlining
  • Automatic provision renumbering with internal reference synchronisation
  • Sophisticated annotation features for integration of targeted comments and footnotes
  • Explanatory notes and memoranda generator
  • Automatic table of contents generation
  • Single click index creation
  • Multilingual drafting functions and side-by-side viewing
  • Smart copy and pasting features that preserve document markup
Irosoft’s tailored services help ensure that documents prepared by drafters are managed by centralised style sheets that are designed according to your drafting methods. This means that a document’s formatting is handled by our system and not by the drafter. Draft versions, final versions, side-by-side bilingual versions, intranet and website versions can be produced with a single click. Provision arrangement, indenting, numbering, page breaks, and other style formatting irritants are removed from drafter’s plate
Our drafting module provides the ideal platform for modernising your entire legislative workflow. The result of the drafting process is a structured and semantically enhanced XML file that can thereafter be seamlessly imported into our codification and publication modules.






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