Experts in Content Management Solutions

Innovation, expertise and proven methodologies

Irosoft is a leading developer of innovative systems in the fields of legislative content management and document & records management. Its solutions enable organizations to simply and efficiently develop, organize, exploit, and preserve their information capital.

Leveraging a unique combination of expertise in targeted disciplines – legal, archival, library science, computer science, linguistic, Web technologies, and project management –  Irosoft provides unmatched knowledge that surpasses that of many large corporations. The company uses rigorous frameworks and proven methodologies complying with content management technologies’ best practices.

Proven Track Record

Since its foundation in 1995, Irosoft has helped over 200 national and international organizations – private businesses, government departments and agencies  – improve the effectiveness of their content management processes. Irosoft is appreciated for delivering on time and on budget projects, for the quality of its services and overall customer satisfaction. A few of our customers

Flagship Solutions

Docutheque is an integrated suite that helps organizations achieve their security, resource optimization, and efficient content management objectives. It manages both active documents and records within all departments: project management, IT, R&D, legal, human resources, finances, sales, contracts, purchasing. Docutheque’s extended connectivity capabilities – including SharePoint and the Office suite– enable organizations to take full advantage of their technological investments. Docutheque is a scalable solution that can be deployed on-site, on a host server, or on the cloud.                 

Paperless Meetings is a solution that helps organizations prepare and run efficient, collaborative meetings – using less or no paper. Suitable for any type of meeting (city council meetings, functional commissions, executive committees, working committees, boards of directors), this innovative solution enables users to browse through documents using a dynamic agenda, add signatures, annotate documents, automatically generate resolutions and minutes, and distribute documents in a secure, user-friendly manner. Paperless Meetings can be deployed on-site, on a host server, or on the cloud and be connected to Docutheque, Irosoft’s document & records management solution.                              

LIMS is the world first and most complete legislative information management system.  LIMS is designed to help countries, provinces, states, and cities – large or small–  manage the life cycle of their legislative documents, from drafting and consolidation, all the way to publishing. Using open data standards and a powerful content management environment, LIMS helps jurisdictions throughout the world improve public access to their legislation as well as their overall production timelines and costs.                                                        

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