Experts in Document Management

Founded in 1995, Irosoft is an industry leader in:

  • Legislative Information Management. LIMS, its world-class solution, is the most used legislative information management system in the world (i.e. legislative content management and regulatory content management ). LIMS is a solution designed to help countries, states, provinces, and cities - large or small - manage the life cycle of their legislative documents, from drafting all the way to publication. Using open data standards and a powerful content management environment, LIMS helps jurisdictions throughout the world improve public access to their legislation as well as their overall production timelines and costs
  • Document & Records Management (DMS/RMS). Its award-winning solution Docutheque along with its Paperless Meetings version are designed to help organizations create, modify, annotate, share, approve, publish, distribute, and archive electronic and paper content in order to achieve global information governance and preserve corporate memory

A specialist in integrated content management, Irosoft offers innovative and easy-to-use solutions that enable customers to simply and efficiently develop, organize, exploit, and preserve their information capital. To date, more than 200 national and international organizations (government departments and agencies, municipalities, as well as private and public companies) have come to Irosoft to carry out small- and large-scale content management projects.

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