Human Resources

Human Resources

The Human Resources department must constantly rise to the challenge of accelerating the recruiting process to ensure the continuity of the organization’s activities and business processes. The HR department must also answer a growing number of administrative or employee requests. To meet these needs, the Docutheque solution is an indispensable tool that, among other benefits, simplifies collaboration and gives instant and secure access to all relevant documents: resumes, descriptions of the position, evaluations, work permits, vacation requests, insurance forms, etc.

Solution Overview

  • Digitization and automatic entry of paper documents
  • Assisted collaboration (workflow) for each step of the recruitment process
  • Automated notifications: content, document, and folder modification; expiration dates
  • Quick search and view of folders, documents and attached documents
  • Automated signing and approval processes
  • Archiving of all documents throughout their life cycle until their destruction
  • Advanced access control

Impacts on Business Activities and Performances

  • Faster hiring process
  • Improved operations and service continuity
  • Increased client satisfaction, customer loyalty
  • Increased revenues

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