Information is the centre of the Legal department’s operations, and an efficient and secure management of this information poses many challenges. Not only does Docutheque ensure document security and integrity, but it also enables you to eliminate risks linked to the loss of folders and documents, poor version management, or partial access to information. The solution improves the performance of several of the department’s processes, from digitizing documents to collaboration to response or negotiation times when several parties are involved (contracts, agreements, litigation).

Solution Overview

  • Digitization and automatic entry of paper documents: contracts, registrations, permits, constitutive documents, titles, etc.
  • Assisted collaboration (workflow) and automated notifications: content, document, and folder modification; expiration dates
  • Quick search and view of folders, documents and attached documents
  • Automated signing and approval processes
  • Archiving of all legal documents throughout their life cycle until their destruction
  • Advanced access control
  • Digital fingerprint of confidential or sensitive documents (document integrity)

Impacts on Business Activities and Performances

  • Risk visibility and risk reduction
  • Contract life-cycle visibility
  • Decrease of contract provision overruns (budgets, deadlines, etc.)
  • Faster and less-costly negotiations

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