Semantic Web: Possible Return on Investments?


CRIM Crystal Ball Conference, Montreal, Quebec - April 7th 2011 Each foretold revolution brings its share of promises, and semantic Web (or Web 3.0) is no exception. Yet again, once the paradigm has been assimilated, good managers will need to arm themselves with a profitability analysis in order to determine the possible return on investments, whether tangible or not, before proceeding to funding. In order to generate discussion, we will present certain concrete use cases in which semantic Web — a young, but important trend — seems to be taking root (i.e. enable us to cooperate without the need to coordinate). These cases will cover three sectors, namely:

  • Public organizations and governments – more specifically governance, convergence, transparency and democracy 
  • Legal – more specifically reuse and decompartmentalization 
  • E-commerce – more specifically visibility