Paperless Meetings

Paperless Meetings is a solution that helps organizations prepare and run efficient, collaborative meetings — using less or no paper. Suitable for any type of meeting, this innovative solution enables users to browse through documents using a dynamic agenda, add signatures, annotate documents, automatically generate resolutions and minutes, and distribute documents in a secure, user-friendly manner. 

Paperless Meetings can be deployed on-site, on a host server, or on the cloud and can be connected to Docutheque, Irosoft’s document & records management solution. 

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  • Prepare and hold any formal meeting (city council meetings, functional commissions, executive committees, working committees, boards of directors)
  • Automatically create agendas when supporting documents are deposited
  • Append password-protected signatures to documents
  • Browse through supporting documents using a dynamic agenda
  • Preview document classification before generating meetings
  • Annotate documents online and offline
  • Automatically generate resolutions and minutes
  • Consult archived meetings
  • Search for resolution details
  • Decrease document preparation and publishing time
  • Help implement "green" policies to avoid any waste of paper


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Key features include

  • Extensive simple and advanced text-, metadata-, and annotation-driven search capabilities 
  • Automatic generation of agendas using meeting-related documents
  • Version management (with roll back)
  • Native Microsoft® Office integration
  • GroupWise®, Lotus Notes®, OpenOffice®, Adobe Acrobat®, Windows Explorer®, WordPerfect® connectivity
  • Supported by major browsers: Explorer®, Chrome®, Firefox®, Safari®
  • Post-it–like annotations
  • Email notifications
  • Offline and mobile content access
  • PDF, PDF/A, XHTML conversion
  • Drag and drop management of content objects
  • Content access on tablets and mobile phones
  • Password protected signature
  • Complete document life cycle management and archiving (for both paper and electronic content) when connected to Docutheque
  • On-site, on a host server, or on the cloud


Save time and money

  • Improve work efficiency with real-time access to agendas and supporting documents while facilitating information queries
  • Unique collaborative environment driving productivity
  • Eliminate handling and storing costs for all meeting-related documents

Improve department efficiency

  • Make documents easy to consult and meetings easy to prepare and hold
  • Simplify work by eliminating the shipping and handling of heavy and cumbersome documents
  • Offer a unique and easy-to-use access point to individuals who need to refer to decisions

Promote administrative, governance, and economic objectives

  • Offer a global and visionary approach to organizational information management
  • Conform to the requirements of the legal framework for information technology (L.R.Q C-1.1) in Quebec
  • Decrease the impact of the important resource attrition anticipated for upcoming years
  • Ensure document authenticity using password-protected signatures
  • Improve control, traceability and security


  • Windows 7 or  later (32 and 64 bits)
  • Internet Explorer 10 or later, Chrome 44.0 or later, Firefox 40.0 or later, Safari 8.0 or later
  • SOAP & CMIS compliant and RESTful