Irosoft announces a new major version of its document and records management solution


Irosoft announces a new major version of its document and records management solution

This new version of Docuthèque Entreprise and Paperless Meetings will include, among other things, enhanced native SharePoint integration, secured access to its content via mobile tablets (Apple iOS, Android) and interoperability with horizontal content management systems, such as Alfresco, Documentum, OpenText, Oracle via CMIS.

Montréal, Québec, February 6th, 2012 – Irosoft Inc., a leader in legislative information management as well as document and records management solutions, announces the release of a major version of Docuthèque Entreprise and Paperless Meetings, its document and records management suite for both paper and electronic documents. This version includes important improvements that will help content management teams be more efficient and be better equipped to face the challenges of managing paper and electronic content.

Among the important new features of Docuthèque, there is:

  • Enhanced native SharePoint integration (2007 and 2010) including:
    • SharePoint/Docuthèque federated search
    • The transfer of inactive folders to Docuthèque’s repository
    • The synchronization of classification schemes
    • A workflow for capturing records
  • Content management via mobile tablets (Apple iOS, Android)
  • Interoperability (via CMIS) with horizontal content management systems, such as Adobe Systems, Alfresco, Drupal, EMC Documentum, FatWire, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Nuxeo, OpenText, Oracle, SAP; CMIS’s open protocol will enable our clients to:
    • Quickly fulfill the Quebec and Canadian requirements in public archives management
    • Reduce certain existing investments in document management thanks to a solution that meets prescriptive requirements and the best Quebec and Canadian practices in record management
    • Desegregate and federate content search
  • Enhanced scalability for very large deployments (e.g. thousands of users, terabytes of data)
  • Enhanced management of rich media content (e.g. images, audio, video, etc.)  virtual shortcuts, data compression, thumbnails, etc.
  • Enhanced, more secure incremental backup

Docuthèque Entreprise and Paperless Meetings was developed for ease of use and to meet the current rigorous criteria in speed, scalability and security. The solution is also designed to adhere to legislative and regulative standards and requirements in multilingual content management. This new version was designed to:

  • Simplify content management using the new mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, Android, etc.);
  • Quickly achieve the objectives for content transparency, governance and convergence.

"The majority of public and private organizations currently feel the need to manage their content throughout the organization, and they seek innovative solutions that will help them simplify their processes. Our Docuthèque Entreprise solution was specially designed to satisfy these needs," explains Mr. Alain Lavoie, president of Irosoft.

About Irosoft

Founded in 1995, Irosoft is a world leader in Document/Record Management and Legal Information Management. As a specialist in integrated content management, Irosoft offers innovative and easy-to-use solutions so that clients can simply and efficiently develop, organize, exploit and preserve their information capital. To date, more than 100 national and international organizations — government departments and agencies, municipalities, as well as private companies — have come to Irosoft to carry out large-scale content management projects.

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