Irosoft nominated as OCTAS 2007 finalist for CMQ's Intramagis


Montreal, Quebec, Canada - April 20th, 2007 - The Montreal-based company Irosoft was nominated as a finalist at the prestigious OCTAS 2007 contest for its project "Intramagis - Intranet at the service of all provincially appointed judges", in partnership with the Conseil de la magistrature of Quebec (CMQ) and the Department of Justice of Quebec (MJQ).

"Why present Intramagis with the OCTAS?" explains Alain Lavoie, president of Irosoft. "Because Intramagis largely contributes to "democratize" the judges' access to legal documentation. We think that it is important that all the judges benefit from the same technological tools and have the same access to legal information regardless of the location where they exercise their functions. It is what Intramagis allows and it is particularly why the CMQ needed to build this Intranet."

Intramagis is a secured Intranet intended exclusively for the provincially appointed judges of Quebec. All legal documentation necessary to the exercise of the judicial function is centralized in Intramagis while being accessible in any time, from anywhere. Secured access to the Intranet is provided by remote connections to the secured network of the Department of Justice of Quebec.

The content of Intramagis is updated regularly, which makes it possible for the judges to work basing themselves on recent documents. Judges can perform powerful and precise research on all the documentation available. They can also navigate anonymously on Intranet sites of legal editors and consult their publications.

The Intramagis content is updated, without assistance, by the personnel of the CMQ, the courts, and by some judges themselves.

The winners of the OCTAS contest will be known at the annual OCTAS gala which will be held at Montreal's "Palais des congrès" on June 2nd.