Loto-Québec Banks on Irosoft's Docuthèque Module for Paperless Meetings


Montréal, Québec, Canada - March 27, 2009 - Following a call for tenders, Loto-Québec selected Irosoft's Docuthèque module for paperless meetings to efficiently manage all their meetings online.

Docuthèque's module for paperless meetings gives members of the administrative council and its committees an immediate, online and secure access to documents related to the meetings, minutes from previous meetings, discussion forums and general information documents.

When Paperless Means Accessibility and Usability

Docuthèque's module for paperless meetings makes information easily accessible while reducing the use of paper:

  • Users receive an e-mail alert as soon as documents related to a meeting are available for consultation. They can view different types of documents such as Word, Excel, PDF and others.
  • Collaborative zones encourage teamwork by giving users access to the same document.
  • Simple and user-friendly discussion forums allow users to exchange thoughts and knowledge on specific subjects.
  • Documents are accessed through a Web browser. They can be added to Docuthèque directly from Word or Excel.
  • The meeting agenda is automatically generated from the documents related to the meeting with one simple click.

The module requires minimal training; a few hours are needed for users to become familiar with the browsing, viewing, searching, annotation and agenda generation functionalities of Docuthèque's module for paperless meetings.

Security and Confidentiality, Two Keywords for Loto-Québec

Docuthèque's module for paperless meetings perfectly integrates into the highly secure architecture Loto-Québec set up to control information access and transfer.

Thus, members of the administrative council and its work committees have secure access that allows them to connect to Docuthèque whether they are in the Loto-Québec offices, at work or at home.

Furthermore, Docuthèque's module for paperless meetings includes access control management that allows Loto-Québec to set up the strict confidentiality rules they need.

"We're very proud that a prestigious organization like Loto-Québec trusted us by selecting our paperless solution. We're also proud that this solution could answer Loto-Québec's rigorous requirements," says Alain Lavoie, president and cofounder of Irosoft.

"Not only does Docuthèque's module for paperless meetings allow users to efficiently manage meetings by giving online access to documents," adds Mr. Lavoie, "but it also helps organizations increase their productivity and performance preparing meetings because certain operations, like generating the agenda, have been automated. In fact, Docuthèque's module for paperless meetings helps establish a new workflow that takes into account the digital culture, now present in companies. It is the perfect response to this new business context."