Quebec City Offers its Regulations to the General Public Thanks to LIMS, Irosoft’s Acts and Regulations Management Suite


Quebec City Offers its Regulations to the General Public Thanks to LIMS, Irosoft’s Acts and Regulations Management Suite

Since 2009, Quebec City uses Irosoft’s LIMS suite to draft and consolidate its municipal regulations. LIMS will now enable the municipality to publish these regulations.

Montréal, Québec, February 2nd, 2012 – Irosoft Inc., an international leader in Acts and regulations management, is proud to announce the official launch of Quebec City’s publishing website, used to disseminate its regulations. The site offers several unique functionalities, such as the ability to search through the history of modifications made to a regulation (i.e. point in time), to activate hyperlinks pointing to historical references and to publish annual regulations. Quebec City thus becomes the first Canadian municipality to offer its up-to-date regulations and their legislative history to the general public. Since 2009, Quebec City also uses the LIMS suite to draft and update its regulations before publishing them.

Since the 2002 municipal mergers in Québec, several municipalities have had difficulty standardizing and updating the regulations of merged cities, because the software generally used to draft legislation has major limitations. Furthermore, regulation consolidation is usually a laborious and meticulous task.

Quebec City overcame these problems by using Irosoft’s LIMS suite. A specialized legislative drafting environment helps legal drafters automate certain technical tasks. The Consolidation module imports amending regulations and enables the computer-assisted application of these modifications to the current regulation. The Publishing module also enables the real-time updating of the municipality’s public websites and intranet.

Irosoft is an international leader in legislative document management, production, and publication. Its LIMS suite now enables, among other things, the publication of legislative documents according to new open data and Semantic Web standards.

Quebec City’s new website is available at the following address (in French only for this first release).


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