Québec's Ministry of Public Security adopts Docuthèque, Irosoft's electronic document management suite


Docuthèque, at the heart of the forensic laboratory's document management strategy.

Montréal, Québec, May 19,2011 – Irosoft Inc., leader in electronic document management and electronic Acts and regulations management, announces today that Québec's Ministry of Public Security has chosen Docuthèque, its electronic document management suite to better manage the information necessary to fulfill its mandate.

Within the Ministry of Public Security, the Laboratoire de sciences judiciaires et de médecine légale (Forensic Laboratory) plays a central role in both security and justice management. Furthermore, it offers very specific services pertaining to crime management. The laboratory's mandate includes conducting unbiased expertise to assist the management of justice and supporting police and legal investigations. These expert analyses are used in court and the expert report can be submitted as evidence. To fulfill its mandate more efficiently, the laboratory chose Docuthèque to:

  • ensure the follow-up of expert reports and the traceability of all actions pertaining to collected and produced information;
  • ensure the availability, the integrity, the continuity, the confidentiality, the authenticity and the irrevocability of the information necessary to the fulfilment of its mandate;
  • favour the secured electronic transmission of all documents that are part of the report;
  • enable the use of a secured electronic signature;
  • meet the requirements established by the Cadre de référence gouvernemental en gestion intégrée des documents (Government accountability framework for integrated document management).

"The Quebec government chose to implement our Docuthèque platform to increase its efficiency concerning document management and to decrease the cost of archiving and distributing digitalized documents. We are very happy to have been selected for this project," declared Alain Lavoie, president and cofounder of Irosoft.

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