Project Management

Project Management

The efficiency of collaboration and document sharing is essential when it comes to delivering projects that keep both deadlines and budgets on target. The Docutheque solution enables you to accelerate the workflow among collaborators by increasing the speed of communication as well as the speed at which documents are queried and   consulted. The solution also helps you reduce the risk of making mistakes as well as time lost working on the wrong version of a document. By using Docutheque’s full potential, you will ensure the success of your projects.

Solution Overview

  • Digitization and automatic entry of paper documents
  • Assisted collaboration (workflow) for each step of the projects
  • Automated notifications: content, document, and folder modification; expiration dates
  • Quick search and view of folders, documents and attached documents
  • Version and attached document management
  • Automated signing and approval processes
  • Archiving of all documents throughout their life cycle until their destruction
  • Advanced access control

Impacts on Business Activities and Performances

  • Risk visibility and risk reduction
  • Decreased overruns (budgets, deadlines, etc.)
  • Faster project deliveries
  • Optimized project costs
  • Increased revenues

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