Legislative Content Management & Regulatory Content Management

Publishing represents the apex of the legislative and regulatory process. Since 1999, the LIMS publishing module has provided a centralised way of generating multi-format documents from a single source of structured content. This makes it possible to easily produce HTML, PDF, XML, ePub and Word documents from XML files. We’ve made sure to continuously integrate new technologies in order to ensure the constant evolution and best possible performance of our publishing module, which also complies with open data standards.

For optimal publishing potential, 3 submodules are available:

Website module

An out-of-the-box website that is seamlessly integrated to your current portal and automatically updated from the codification database. A highly sophisticated search engine is optimised specifically for legislative and regulatory content, with effortless integration of images, maps and forms. 

Intranet module

Integrated into the LIMS Drafting Module and designed for the legislative drafter, this submodule offers easy and powerful search and reuse of codified legislation, and is furthermore able to host many document sets beyond codified legislation, including bills, annual volumes, and other supporting documents.

Administration module

Enables non IT administrators to publish legislation to an intranet, a public website or simply as a standalone generator for bulk HTML, PDF, XML, or ePub files. It moreover offers a rollback mechanism that allows administrators to revert a database to its last working version.






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