SharePoint, Office, OpenOffice, etc.

Native Microsoft SharePoint® Integration

Irosoft offers a native and extensive integration with Microsoft SharePoint®. Strengthened by Irosoft's long-term relationship with Microsoft and its close work with in-house Microsoft development teams, Docutheque offers a seamless integration with SharePoint that includes, among other features:

  • An automatic classification scheme(s) synchronization process between SharePoint and Docutheque
  • An out-of-the-box native SharePoint workflow to automatically capture and transfer documents to Docutheque, thereby avoiding duplicates
  • A native, federated search environment to seamlessly search for content across both repositories at the same time
  • Bidirectional corporate-wide metadata management between SharePoint®, Office® and Docuthèque through Irosoft’s metadata registry
  • Physical/hybrid content management (paper, CD, DVD, etc.) directly in SharePoint®
  • Etc.

This integration is for SharePoint 2010 and above.

Benefits of using the SharePoint connector include

  • Secured document repository to preserve corporate memory
  • Long-term document preservation
  • Records management that respects Quebec and Canadian standards
  • Single window that allows you to search for documents
  • Document management that can handle large volumes of documents
  • Retention schedule and classification scheme management
  • Warehouse management
  • Significant reduction of the environment’s implementation time

SharePoint and Docutheque thus create the perfect combination for best-of-breed collaboration, file sharing, Web publishing and Document/Records management.

Native Microsoft Office® Integration

Docutheque offers a native and extensiveintegration with Microsoft Office®. This integration was designed so that users can create, manage, and transfer content to Docutheque (e.g. for content sharing, preservation, etc.), all the while using Office. This dramatically reduces Docutheque's learning curve and increases the overall content management workflow productivity.

Key features of this integration include

  • Native bidirectional integration with Word®, Excel®, PowerPoint®, and Outlook®
  • Native metadata management avoiding duplicate entries
  • Automatic update, storage, and classification of content from Office® to Docutheque
  • Bidirectional corporate-wide metadata management between Office® and Docutheque through Irosoft’s metadata registry
  • Electronic/handwritten signature management directly in Office®
  • Etc.

This integration is for Office 2007 to 2013.

Global Connectivity

Docutheque offers global connectivity by providing out-of-the-box integration with the most popular Windows software, including:

  • GroupWise®
  • Lotus Notes®
  • OpenOffice/LibreOffice
  • Adobe Acrobat®
  • Windows Explorer®
  • WordPerfect®
  • AutoCAD®
  • Etc.