Tailored Services

Thanks to its team of domain expert and IT professionals as well as its ISO 9001 certification, Irosoft has been involved in the five main stages of software development, namely:

Other available personalized services aimed at improving the overall records/document/legal information management workflows include: 

  • Modeling and definition of data structures specific to document management in the form of grammars (schemas, DTD)
  • Conversion of unstructured documents to XML using solid, recyclable methodology
  • Content analysis: Identification and automatic extraction of metadata and other information; enhancement and use of knowledge bases, dictionaries, specialized vocabulary lists, thesauri and classification schemes
  • Application: Information management, process management (workflow), information processing automation, task assistance systems, authentication methods, and access control
  • Dissemination of information on different media (paper, HTML, XML, PDF, RTF, CD-ROM) based on the client's technological infrastructure