Web 3.0 / Open Data

Web 3.0

Content analytics / mining is the process by which hidden facts/events are deduced and/or extracted from unstructured (textual) content. This approach is a very useful technique to automate or semi-automate content enrichment (i.e. extract/create content metadata). Over the years, Irosoft has developed an extensive toolbox of content analytics modules tailored to the legal and government sectors. The metadata extracted by this toolbox includes, but is not limited to:

  • Citations (including neutral citations)
  • Titles
  • Docket numbers
  • Dates (including decision dates)
  • Statutes and Regulations Cited
  • Cases Cited
  • Authors Cited
  • Etc.

This toolbox, integrated within Docuthèque and LIMS, can extract metadata in both English and French and complies with the Web 3.0 standards (e.g. RDF, SKOS, etc.). More information on our Web 3.0 services is available here.

Irosoft, in partnership with a national research centre, is also working on a stealth project to bring speech analytics to its Document & Records Management and Legislative Information Management solutions. Please contact us for more information on this and other ROI-driven applied research and development initiatives.

Open Data

The open data concept, which is becoming more widespread throughout the world, aims to enable the largest number of people to freely access any relevant and non-confidential data. This data can then be collected and enriched, and new services that use the data can be developed and offered. This open data heralds the beginning of a small democratic revolution because, for example, it will enable citizens to:

  • Understand where and how their taxes are being spent
  • Better understand the job market
  • Know where to go for a health consultation

It will also enable governments to achieve their transparency, governance, and convergence objectives.

Docuthèque and LIMS support the integral, simple, and standardized publication of all types of open data. More information on our open data services is available here.