Yves Pelletier, new Senior Director of the Irosoft consulting division.


Alain Lavoie, President of Irosoft, announces the appointment of Yves Pelletier as Senior Director of the Irosoft consulting  division.

Irosoft is delighted to be able to rely on an executive of the caliber of Yves Pelletier as head of the new Irosoft Consulting service division, which will respond to the constant demand of a clientele who wishes to have access to our experts.

With a strong managerial background, extensive network of contacts in the private and public sectors, and extensive knowledge of the business and ICT industry (ICT ), Yves Pelletier has a deep understanding of the challenges associated with consulting services associated with the digital transformation of organizations and the proper use of information as a business intelligence tool.

He has repeatedly demonstrated his flair for bringing together talented people and responding in a cohesive and concerted manner to the needs of clients.

Over the past ten years, Mr. Pelletier has served as Vice President at Loran Technologies, Managing Director at PR2 Experts Conseils, Regional Vice President at Alithya and Senior Vice President at Fujitsu, Montreal Operations Manager.

Mr. Pelletier has also served on the Board of Directors of AQT, Montréal International, Techno Montréal, CRIM, Prompt and CIRANO.