MONTREAL, January 21, 2020 – We are proud to announce that Philippe Langlais and Alain Tapp, both professors and academic researchers, are joining the LexRockAI team. They will be members of the scientific committee and will participate in our research and development activities as scientific consultants.

Mr. Langlais is full professor at the Computer Sciences Department (DIRO) of the University of Montreal (UofM). A member of the UofM’s RALI (Applied Research in Computational Linguistics) laboratory since 1998, he is interested in automatic natural language processing. He also collaborates with IVADO (the Institute for data valorization).

Mr. Tapp is full professor at the Computer Sciences Department (DIRO) of the University of Montreal (UofM). He is an associate member of MILA (the Quebec AI Institute). He is mainly interested in the deep learning techniques related to automatic natural language processing. He also collaborates with IVADO (the Institute for data valorization).

“I am truly honoured and happy that Philippe and Alain have accepted to join our team. It is a tremendous vote of confidence in our know-how. This collaboration enables us to reinforce our company’s scientific foundations, which are already very solid. The arrival of these two researchers adds a new, very important ingredient that will enable us to speed up our progress in the market and to stand out on the world stage,” explained Alain Lavoie, president and cofounder of LexRockAI.

“As the person in charge of developing products, I find it reassuring to be working with specialists like Professor Langlais and Professor Tapp. Not only will they keep us abreast of the most recent scientific innovations, but they will also complement our already talented teams in setting up high-quality products,” declared Paul Gamache, chief technology officer and cofounder of LexRockAI.

The announcement is another important milestone in a series of announcements that LexRockAI will make in the upcoming months and that are aligned with the company’s development plan.


 About LexRockAI

LexRockAI is a “spin off” of activities, talents, and technologies that already exist within the Irosoft company. It relies on almost 25 years of experience, expertise, and intellectual properties. It is entirely devoted to developing and marketing products for the financial and insurance fields, law firms, and legal departments within large companies and organizations.

LexRockAI’s technologies enable users to read, review, analyze, and extract the information contained in documents with more speed and precision thanks to artificial intelligence. These technologies enhance the ability of users throughout their daily tasks. Thus, a task generally performed in several hours can be accomplished in only a few minutes thanks to these technologies. They will thus enable users to concentrate on more intellectual tasks while letting the AI perform the repetitive and tedious tasks. In some cases, these technologies improved the users’ performance speed by 200% to 500%.

Based in Montreal (Canada), important hub of AI development, LexRockAI is actively involved in the IT ecosystem and is always abreast of the latest trends and methodologies in terms of IA.

SOURCE: LexRockAI Technologies Inc.


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