Montreal, May 14, 2020 – During this challenging time, as we are redefining the way we operate, telecommuting has become a reality for many organizations that have had to react extremely quickly to remain operational.

However, as with most new business solutions, simply deploying an online collaboration solution is not enough. It must also be integrated into the work processes and daily activities of the staff. How should these tools be organized? How can they be integrated with existing processes and systems? What useful functional capabilities should be prioritized for deployment? Should we take the opportunity to integrate the innovations offered by these platforms? What are the practices that must be prevented from spreading in the way people do things? What is the best way to help individuals assimilate this rapid change? How can we prevent the most insidious documentary chaos from creeping in?

Irosoft’s Offer of Coaching Services

It is to help organizations answer these questions and to assist them in their efforts to integrate online collaboration technologies, such as Microsoft 365TM (formerly Office 365) and Microsoft TeamsTM, that Irosoft has formalized its offer of coaching services in “Information Governance and Integration of Microsoft 365TM and Microsoft TeamsTM“.

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This offer has four components: Development of the collaborative documentation structure, Adjustment of work processes, Training of staff on best collaboration practices, Exploration of opportunities for improvement and modernization. Capitalizing on their own experience, Irosoft’s experts in information management and digital transformation have the necessary knowledge to help you integrate these technologies while promoting the adoption of best practices for collaboration in cloud computing environments.

Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about this new service offer.

Yves Pelletier, Senior Director – Irosoft Digital


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